28th August 2017

28.11.17 Mary’s finest: Cora Sayers (spain)

Cora Sayers is the alter ego of actress Cora Velasco. After being a chorus girl and a singer in several blues, rock folk, funk and pop bands, she starts her solo career in summer 2014, where she records and audio mixes her first EP, “Origen”.

She plays at different venues both in Pontevedra and Madrid during the first months of 2015, and she also takes part in several summer festivals. In April that year, she transfers the rights of one of her acoustic songs, “He Rules in Purple”, so it becomes the BSO of shortfilm “Constelación Urbana” (Luis Galán), presented at Cannes Film Festival in 2015.
She records her first LP called “I’m Home” at Estudios Montealto (A Coruña, Spain) in September 2015. After being audio mixed at the same recording studio, the album is mastered at Mystery Room Mastering (Wisconsin, USA). She releases her album “I’m Home” in January 2016 and she presents it at venues all around the Galician territory as well as beyond. She plays in Oviedo, Gijón (both cities in Asturias, Spain) and London. In summer 2016, she plays in summer festivals like Armadiña Rock, SilFest and Feito a Man. Also, after being a runner-up in the Cuac FM Demo Album Contest, she gets to play at festival Noroeste Pop Rock (A Coruña, Spain), where she is the support singer for Triángulo de Amor Bizarro and Ocean Colour Scene.

She presents her second videoclip in autumn 2016, created and directed by Producciones Mutantes, and she releases “La Ciénaga”, her first single in Spanish. She played in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Gijón, Ponferrada and Lugo at the beginning of 2017. She took part in Fiesta Demoscópica, event organised by music magazine Mondo Sonoro, as one of the three emerging bands in Galicia and Castilla y León. In addition, she was selected to offer three concerts for Club – E, series of concerts by
Estrella Galicia and toured around Europe in spring. She played in Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. She also played at a Galician film festival called Festival de Cans in May 2017. Thanks to this, she played two songs live for “Disco Grande”, which is a radio programme conducted by Julio Ruiz on
Radio 3 (radio station)
She is currently organising her second European tour and playing in several Galician venues. At the same time, she is taking part in “Un alto en el camino”, of of Onda Cero’s radio programmes, which is broadcasted at a national level. She is in charge of the music section.