23rd January 2020

26.03.20 Mary’s finest: Midnight Colours

A three-piece band of Vienna based musicians, who encapture what a modern folk sound is, or rather, should be. Midnight Colours are an odyssey of genre combinations, instruments and ideas. Band members, Kathrina, Keith, and Simon, come from different musical backgrounds, ranging from classical, funk, folk, blues and rock, all of which they have incorporated in their live performances. Midnight Colours could be classified as a Folk-inspired, Blues-infused Rock n’ Roll outfit, playing covers of traditional Irish folk songs, rock and originals, plus everything in between; some energetic, some calmer and some just plain ol’ crazy.

Even though Midnight Colours are a relatively young collaboration, they have already started building a following in Pubs across Vienna, getting a positive response for their energetic live performances, where sing-alongs are always required. In June 2019, the band recorded their first demo EP. They are currently working on a second demo EP with music videos to follow.