09.05.23 Mary’s finest: Greg Rekus

Death and Taxes, Rekus latest Release, features local musicians Laura Payne on bass and back-up vocals, Erik Strom on drums, and Darryl Riley on saxophone, back-up vocals and penny-whistle. Once again enlisting John Paul Peters (Royal Canoe, Comback Kid, Propagandhi) as engineer/producer, the album boasts thirteen original tracks that push the band’s writing and playing to new levels. The addition of the Sax kept things fresh and added a new vibe to an already solid rhythm section and cavalcade of catchy hooks, interspective lyrics and fun little parts that can be the sound track to any situation.

Rekus’s passion for music is bursting at the seams. It is the driving force that keeps him constantly on the road, and cranking out album after album of folk punk goodness. During live performances, audiences are treated to an entertainer who treats the stage as his home. With high energy and infectious enthusiasm, Rekus has a natural ability to engage with a diverse assortment of crowds from around the world. His lyrics speak to common experiences, such as drinking in a favourite hometown bar, or the simultaneous joy and heartache of falling in love, but also do not shy away from making pointed political commentary, coloured with the anger and frustration that comes along with it. Delivering each line with a force that is rivaled by few other solo artists, Rekus emphasizes his words with every strum of his guitar, pounding the beat out on his custom-built stomp box. His hard work has already gotten him to places he never thought attainable, and as far as he’s concerned, the only way from here is up.


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