11th October 2017

05.04.18 Mary’s finest: Ken Dolman (us)

Ken Dolman moved from the wind swept valley known as Teton in the high country of the Rocky Mountains on the border of Wyoming and Idaho to the German Capital of Berlin in 2014. He is songwriter and performer and is releasing his music through Berlin Label Snowhite, His songs reflect his deep appreciation of clairvoyance as gained through extensive study of history, space, dinosaurs, and guessing about stuff. His predictions for the future have been heralded as mostly wrong, but he remains positive in his quest.


I was born in the hot summer of 1969. It was a couple of weeks after the first moon landing and a week before the start of the first Woodstock Festival. So naturally I was forced to choose: Become an Astronaut, or become a musician? I chose to become an Astronaut. Unable to leave the music behind, I became a space musician.

Currently, I am commander of a rocket ship that is delving musically into the future.; a fuzzy future of blurred lines, blips, bleeps, and machines that hum quietly.

The rocket’s fuel is blues, folk and rock infused with modern thought and slide guitar seasoned with a stomp box and a harmonica.

I have a connection to the audience that is otherworldly. The smiles become laughs. The tapping feet become dancing feet. Curiosity becomes devotion, as we take off together on my rocketship of love.

The year is 2999. The world is different. Where will we be 900 years afore?

Let me explain it with a gig at your venue. Thanks for listening.