13th November 2018

04.04.19 Mary’s finest: The black elephant band

the Black Elephant Band is the one-man-project of Jan Bratenstein, singer/songwriter from Nürnberg, Germany. His music has been compared to a drunken night with Tenacious D and a young Bob Dylan. Kimya Dawson, Jonathan Richman, Andrew Jackson Jihad ans The Homeless Gospel Choir are other popular comparisons. Sort of anti-folk, they say.

“Acoustic-Folk at its best.” (blueprint magazine)

“Authentic and refreshing with the very rare gift of writing, playing and performing in a way that is absolutely complete within itself.” (Stephanie Forryan)

„I like the satirical lyrics.“ (Fred Cole)

„Weird anti-folk with beard, guitar and harmonica. To fall in love with!“ (Arsch und Friedrich)